The Kaiser Bellflower Hospital is reported by numerous employees to be highly contaminated with molds that have caused unnecessary illnesses.  The known locations in the building are the Operating Room on the 2nd floor, the Supply Room on the 1st floor near the Emergency Room and there are leaking pipes reported on the 4th floor.  These are likely the primary locations for the contamination that has continued to make people sick despite what media/L.A.Co and Kaiser Permanente Dr. Cyrun Rangan states.  Here is a link to the Los Angeles Dept of Public Health with a write up about him.  He is not an authority toxic locations.  He is a board certified toxicologist specific only to humans.  This designation has very little to do with contaminants on properties.  And he cannot as a responsible physician state that mold and fungus seldom makes people sick when they are in such an environment as has been reported and documented by the Los Angeles County Health Department/Hospital Licensing Division and the State of California OSHA Division.

The following drawing, orginally created during the last Great Depression is applicable today, especially for anyone that is challenged by mold or fungal infections that are affecting any part of the human body – despite what Kaiser Permanente Pediatrician Cyrun Rangan says.  Remember this cartoon – Print it out and paste it on a wall so you can view it.  You will need it, as you are facing an up hill battle if you have become a victim of mold or fungal infections – no matter if you have become ill at Bellflower Kaiser Permanente or became ill from your own home. Finding a physician to overcome the pop  media doctors that will say anything that a corporation wants is going to be a tough battle for all victims of these illnesses to overcome.

Don't Ever Give Up
Don’t Ever Give Up